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Pokemon League Club

What is the pokemon league? its just an online club that people join to have fun without yahoo


-Linker- By this I mean all you have to do is make a web page with only one link on it thats it and that goes stright to this page must do 2 points every time you do it and tell me.

-Pics- If you have this ream cool pic of pokemon that i dont have please feel free to send it to me for 1 point. only if i use the pic will you recive the 1 point.

-Downloads- All you have to do is give me some cool downloads that you have found and thats it but it has to do with pokemon please... 5 points extra points if its a cool movie thing...

-Contest- I will be haveing random contest like this month contes it i need a maskot for the page please right a brief paragraph say who should i choose and why this will award you with 10 pokepoints.

-Validater- If you see that a page had an error like a messed up link or pic please tell me and you will recive one pokepoint.

-Cheater- Just as the name says just become a cheater all you have to do is place this on your pokemon web page Its a link to the Flameing top 50 Pokemon sites- and thats it easy points...

-Misc Points- put my link in ur page gives you 1 point.
-30 points if you make me some cool buttons 5 if i dont use them-
-15 points for a cool banner

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