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Pokémon The Card Game

-Little About The Game-

Have you ever played Magic? Well if you have Pokémon The Card game is just the same you need energy to cast spells or moves, And aslo make sure that you have enough energy cards if not you wont be able to play the game.

-Break Down The Card-

Here's What Everything On The Card Means

-Starting Your Collection-

I Recomend That You Buy One Of Each

Starter Pack Theme DeckBooster Pack
These Are The Decks You Should Buy
In The Starter Deck And In The Theme Deck You Know What You Are Getting But In The Booster You Dont.In The Theme And Starter Deck You Get Everything You Need To Get Started.
-Buiding You Deck-

Some things that you should do is only build a deck with only 2 types of pokemon so you know you have enough energy cards to be able to use their moves.
Make sure that you have some good cards too you dont wanna lose at the begining of the game.
Keep trying new cards untill you know that you have the perfect deck.

Sample I Found It On The Net

14 Fire Energy		Energy		Common
14 Water Energy		Energy		Common
 4 Carmander		Fire	        Common
 2 Charmeleon		Fire		Uncommon
 1 Charizard		Fire		Rare Holo
 2 Vulpix		Fire		Common
 1 Ninetails		Fire		Rare Holo
 2 Magmar		Fire		Uncommon
 4 Squirtle		Water		Common
 2 Wartortle		Water		Uncommon
 1 Blastoise 		Water		Rare Holo
 3 Magikarp		Water		Uncommon
 2 Gyrados		Water		Rare Holo
 2 Dratini		Colorless	Uncommon
 1 Dragonair		Colorless	Rare
 1 Devolution Spray	Trainer		Rare
 3 Energy Retrieval	Trainer		Uncommon
 2 Energy Removal	Trainer		Common
 1 Pokemon Breeder 	Trainer		Rare

The most important deck building tip is: If you build a deck using two kinds of energy, pick two kinds that compensate for eachothers weaknesses. Fire Pokémon are weak against water, so put in some other type as long as it doesn't have a weakness to water. This way if your opponent plays a water Pokémon and you have a fire one out, switch it with one of your other types. This is very good strategy since a Pokémon suffers double damage if attacked by a Pokémon that it is weak against.
Set Up The Cards Like This

-Here Is The List Of The Pokémon You Can Get-

1 Alakazam Rare-Holo
2 Blastoise Rare-Holo
3 Chansey Rare-Holo
4 Charizard Rare-Holo
5 Clefairy Rare-Holo
6 Gyarados Rare-Holo
7 Hitmonchan Rare-Holo
8 Machamp Rare-Holo
9 Magneton Rare-Holo
10 Mewtwo Rare-Holo
11 Nidoking Rare-Holo
12 Ninetales Rare-Holo
13 Poliwrath Rare-Holo
14 Raichu Rare-Holo
15 Venusaur Rare-Holo
16 Zapdos Rare-Holo
17 Beedrill Rare
18 Dragonair Rare
19 Dugtrio Rare
20 Electabuzz Rare
21 Electrode Rare
22 Pidgeotto Rare
23 Arcanine Uncommon
24 Charmeleon Uncommon
25 Dewgong Uncommon
26 Dratini Uncommon
27 Farfetch'd Uncommon
28 Growlithe Uncommon
29 Haunter Uncommon
30 Ivysaur Uncommon
31 Jynx Uncommon
32 Kadabra Uncommon
33 Kakuna Uncommon
34 Machoke Uncommon
35 Magikarp Uncommon
36 Magmar Uncommon
37 Nidorino Uncommon
38 Poliwhirl Uncommon
39 Porygon Uncommon
40 Raticate Uncommon
41 Seel Uncommon
42 Wartortle Uncommon
43 Abra Common
44 Bulbasaur Common
45 Caterpie Common
46 Charmander Common
47 Diglett Common
48 Doduo Common
49 Drowzee Common
50 Gastly Common
51 Koffing Common
52 Machop Common
53 Magnemite Common
54 Metapod Common
55 Nidoran (M) Common
56 Onix Common
57 Pidgey Common
58 Pikachu Common
59 Poliwag Common
60 Ponyta Common
61 Rattata Common
62 Sandshrew Common
63 Squirtle Common
64 Starmie Common
65 Staryu Common
66 Tangela Common
67 Voltorb Common
68 Vulpix Common
69 Weedle Common
70 Clefairy Doll Rare
71 Computer Search Rare
72 Devolution Spray Rare
73 Impostor Professor Oak Rare
74 Item Finder Rare
75 Lass Rare
76 Pokémon Breeder Rare
77 Pokémon Trader Rare
78 Scoop Up Rare
79 Super Energy Removal Rare
80 Defender Uncommon
81 Energy Retrieval Uncommon
82 Full Heal Uncommon
83 Maintenance Uncommon
84 PlusPower Uncommon
85 Pokémon Center Uncommon
86 Pokémon Flute Uncommon
87 Pokédex Uncommon
88 Professor Oak Uncommon
89 Revive Uncommon
90 Super Potion Uncommon
91 Bill Common
92 Energy Removal Common
93 Gust of Wind Common
94 Potion Common
95 Switch Common
96 Double Colorless Energy Uncommon
97 Fighting Energy
98 Fire Energy
99 Grass Energy
100 Lightning Energy
101 Psychic Energy
102 Water Energy

Here Are Some Of My Cards

Pokemon CardPokemon CardPokemon Card Pokemon Card