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Here are the updates to my page....

Update For 18, 1999
Today I was confused, so I was making on what colors should be one the site so i didnt do much i put the 150 pokemon in a table and the tm's and the hm's also. please let the pop up things load i need to become #1 in at least one of those vote things so people come to my site more then i will take them off.
Update For June 17, 1999
"Gotta Get Some More~Pokefish~ I have enterd in 2 Top Sitess please vote I also fixed pokemon gold visiters told me that it would not unzip when it was downloaded. I also made this new page make the page look more pro.I also put my authorization needed to cantact me on Icq.
*****Pokémon News*****
Also I have heard that their will be a new 100th Pokémon special in Japan I am not quite sure if it is indeed the 100th because their is also episode 102 which contains Scyther. All of this information was obtained from this site

*****More News*****
Their is a new Pokémon Cd that is out now that contains music from the game and old and new upcoming shows. Here are the song that will be on the cd: Pokemon Theme, "2.B.A Master", Viridian City, What kind of Pokemon are you, My best Friends, Everything Changes, The Time has Come (from Pikachu's Goodbye), Pokémon (Dance Mix), Double Trouble (Team Rocket), Together Forever, Misty's Song*, PokéRap, You can do it (If you really try)
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