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Welcome Pokemon Trainers

Do you think that your a Pokémon Master? If So see if you can pass my my challeging gyms. If you pass all the gyms you will be put in the hall of fame. In each gym you will be asked a certain amount of questions about they type of pokemon in tht gym, If you are able to pass all gyms you will be rewarded hansomly.
Befor you start trying to pass a gym please read the rules.

Send all mail to

Gym Leader Type Location
Pokefish Rock Pewter City
Pokefish Water Cerulean City
Pokefish Electric Viridian City
Pokefish Grass Celadon City
Pokefish Psychic Gym Saffron City
Pokefish Poison/Psychic Fuchsia City
Pokefish Fire Cinnabar Island
Pokefish ?????? Viridian City