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I have recently heard all of the information that i am about to reveal. Hope you enjoy!

Gold Review
Pokemon Gold is going to be one of teh best selling Pokémon games yet it is scheduled to be relased around christmas *parents Hint Hint* and will become a major hit.In Pokémon Gold you are given the ability to bread Pokémon as if that wasnt good enouf you are also able to trade Pokemon from versionsBlue and Red In Pokemon now you have a choice of who you trainer will be because now you have the option of being Ash or another character -which I know nothing about-. In the game their will be 300 difrent type of species so the Pokémon from blue and red only make up half of the pokemon in gold. Also they have added day and night features to the game to make it seem much more real. Pokemon will not always fight when you tell them because some pokemon sleep during the day and some in the night, so that means you will have to carry a variety of poekmon with you. In addition you will also be able to ride a skateboard instead of the useualy bike. It is belived that Togepi is to make an appearence in Pokémon Gold so be sure to keep and eye out for him. Also Pokemon that you wouldnt think would evolve anymore can evolve to a higher level such Pokémon are Charizard who evolves into Charcoat, Blastoise evolves into Rainer, and the last that I know of it Venusaur who eveolves into a Saupasaur. Their is also one more intersting fact I forgot to tell you is that their will be a "POKE GOD" in pokemon gold which makes an apearence in Mewtwo Strikes Back The Movie.