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Know alot about rock Pokémon? Become gym leader
Welcome to the Rock Gym

Do you want to have a rock badge? Then answer these question and see if you pass for you rock badge. Please give me time to grade the question i am only one person..... To become gym leader e-mail me for details...

1. In the Ponyta episode which pokemon did brock use to race with?
2.Which rock pokemon can evolve 2 times?
3.Which rock pokemon evolves when you trade it?
4.What level does Onix learn Slam?
5.Can Onix Evolve? If So At What Level?
6.What pokemon at the begining of the game is not as effective as the other two?
7.In Primape Goes Bannas what pokemon did brock use? And was it very effective?

To get this badge you must copy paste all questions and send it to