-June 24, 1999-


-Update 1 [9:00 PM]-

Eric Stuart Fanclub: So the Official Eric Stuart Fanclub has temporarily put up a splash page and is requesting that those who can, apply for jobs at their site. You can check out the page by clicking on the link on the netbar to the right. I'm taking my computer in to be fixed tommorow morning, hopefully they can do the job. So since I have been unable to use my PC, I have been watching "Record of Lodoss Wars" all day, and it ruled!

Page Updates: Netbar

-June 23, 1999-


-Update 1 [9:00 PM]-

Computer Problems: Until this problem with my computer is all worked out, I'm not sure if I'll be able to update any pages. The problem isn't my mouse, but my computer. I have gone through 8 mice within the past few months trying to fix this problem, uninstalling and installing new drivers, but nothing works. Usually the problem fixes itself when I restart my machine, but for some reason its not letting up. The problem is that my mouse only goes up and down, not left and right! Until it fixes itself, there is nothing I can do. It took me 30 minutes just to upload this to the server. I can't even use ICQ anymore, my entire system runs on hot-keys, and unfortunately there is no hot-key for the "read next" button.
-June 22, 1999-


-Update 1 [6:00 PM]-

Pokemon Stadium 2: Lucky for us, the American release of Pokemon Stadium 2 [Pokemon Stadium 1 for America] has once again been post poned. Now we won't get any Pokemon Stadium games until after the year 2000. So until next March, don't expect to ge getting anything more than Pokemon Snap for N64.

Pokemon TCG Preliminary sections of the Pokemon TCG has been set up. At the current moment, the only thing available is the Base Set Guide with screenshots. There will of course be more sections, perhaps soon you will be able to submit your decks and strategies for others to see. Thats if my mouse ever gets fixed, I hate this damn thing!

Page Additions: Pokemon TCG > Info; Base Set Guide
Page Updates: Netbar

-June 21, 1999-


-Update 1 [6:00 PM]-

Paper Hand Puppets: At the current moment, the UPNetwork is team up with PuppeTools [http://www.puppetools.com/] to see if we can bring you printable and colorable hand puppets. We are speaking to Nintendo right now to get rights to do such a project, I hope it works out.

Pokemon TCG: The section is coming along. Thanks to Justin Shilts, we have gotten scans of all the cards from the base sets. When the section gets up, we will be taking in deck ideas and tactics. Justin has also been added to the staff page.

Page Updates: Staff

-June 20, 1999-


-Update 1 [12:00 PM]-

UPNetwork Arena: The new Arena is up. Bulbasaur is now up against Electabuzz! Is it just me, or was last weeks arena more active than usual?

James or is it Jamie: RJ, a fan of the UPNetwork has sent us an exclusive video of the funniest scene ever in Pokemon. A scene from the very controversial episode "Holiday at Aopulco [Apuroko]". This is one of the reason why this episode was skipped, you can now download this very funny clip.

File Additions: 18-1.rm
Page Updates: TV Anime > Movie Downloads, Pokemon Arena

-June 19, 1999-


-Update 1 [8:00 PM]-

Missing Episodes: If anyone reading this has good copies of the japanese "Electric Soldier Porygon" or the american "Polygon: The CGI Pokemon", please contact me. I am also looking for "Legend of Miniryuu [Dratini]" and "Holiday at Aopulco [Apuroko]". I am in desperate need of these movies.

Message Board: The message board has been open since late yesterday. So far its been going pretty well without any major problems, except that I've already had to squelch someone. In order to post on the board, you must create an account first. This is to rule out the chances of being impersonated by others.

-June 18, 1999-


-Update 1 [10:00 PM]-

Racheal Lillis: It seems that no one knows who she is! She is the voice actress of Misty, Jessie and our favorite... Jigglypuff! She has also starred in other animes such as Utena. The Team Rocket HQ has a transcript of her chatting on Wednesday available on their site. Check it out!

Message Board: Well its not quite done, but I'm still gonna open it today. You can now visit the message board by clicking on the link on the sidebar. Remember that the images are incomplete, so don't complain that the buttons and the logo clash a little bit, they are only there temporarily. And please, this was very expensive, click the banner above.

Page Additions: Message Board
Page Updates: Turnpike

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